Back at the Beginning

Now that you’ve met the lively Mr. Cooper, how about we start at the beginning?

Cooper comes home

As you already know, Cooper is a full-bred, yellow Labrador retriever. Born in Stanton, Nebraska, his mommy and daddy are amazing! And we brought him home to join a crazy but loving household.

Happy Cooper (800x600)
Happy Cooper

Right away, he met his match in his new older brother, Poco, our chocolate Cocker spaniel. Now, Poco’s a bit lazy and grumpy, considering he’s ancient (almost 14 years old), but they’re good for each other.

Shasta, the Tiger!

And Shasta, the tiger kitty…umm…well…let’s say, it’s an ongoing battle between the sexes. They’re learning to tolerate one another.

The Staredown

The Blare household is a delicate balance between war and peace, but oh, is it fun! More lively times are to come, I’m sure.

What do you think of our family of pets? What kind of animals do you have around your house? we’d love to hear about them!


Renee and James

Pictures taken by the Blares…please don’t reuse without permission.


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