Cooper’s Growing Up

Cooper comes home


Cooper’s growing up. He’s not so little anymore. In fact, he’s about thigh high now and stronger than an ox. It takes two hands to hold the tike now when I have him on a leash. He leads me now, not the other way around.

Cooper pool
Cooper having fun
Cooper bucket
Cooper taking a drink


He still loves water. In fact, Coop loves water so much, James bought him a pool! And a bucket. But he doesn’t just drink out of it. He literally dunks his head. Children…




I’ve really missed him during my month long separation. We’ve moved and been apart for awhile. But the family’s back together now and getting used to the new place. He and Poco have a smaller yard to play in but bigger house. Everyone seems to be adapting rather well, including the cat.

Shasta peek (960x960)
Don’t mess with me. (Shasta)

Summer’s here and the weather’s nice. It looks like we’ll be doing all kinds of things. Fishing, training for hunting, I can’t wait to get the little bugger outdoors. But right now, he’s scratchin’ at the door.

Cooper Wants In












And we all know what happens when Cooper wants in! He’s not as impatient as he used to be when he was a pup, but he’s still pretty demanding.

Cooper gets older
Cooper’s Getting Older

Cooper may be growing up, but he still loves his water. He’s a hyper little guy at heart and right now, he wants some company! Better go…until next time…


cooper poop(960x720)
See ya later, alligator!




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