Cooper Celebrates Independence Day

 Super Cooper says, “Happy 4th of July!”

Old Glory Flying


We started the holiday in style…with Old Glory flying. Of course, after hanging the Stars and Stripes, Cooper had other plans. He was ready for an adventure.


Let me drive!


So…we piled in the Jeep and headed up to the mountains. Of course that meant someone thought he needed to drive…the whole way.




Popo Agie River



We stopped by the Sinks to check out the river and cavern. The water’s a lot lower! Runoff’s almost over!

The Sinks Cavern






The cavern’s open and the Popo Agie’s almost back to normal. What a sight it is. We dashed out of there when everybody and their dog began showing up…literally. Coop may just want to play, but that Rottweiler didn’t look too happy to see him.



We loaded up and continued up the switchbacks to Frye Lake. The Wind Rivers are absolutely beautiful, don’t you think?

Frye Lake, Wind River Mountains

But Cooper’s destination today wasn’t Frye or Fiddler’s. It wasn’t even Louis Lake. It was Worthen Meadows Reservoir. Why? Do you really have to ask that question?



Water, water, everywhere! And we know Cooper loves water.

Wet Cooper

Cooper had fun chasing bugs, logs, fish, but most of all, he had a blast being Cooper, the Water Dog. Until next time,

Happy 4th of July!



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