Cooper Enjoys the Summertime!



Cooper’s enjoying the summer! He’s skipped through the mountain lakes, dug holes in the backyard, chased the cat around the house, chewed garden hoses in multiple pieces . . . Yep, Cooper’s the same no matter where we live.

Cooper watching the Dog Show

He enjoys watching television and will even let us know if something is “unacceptable” for human eyes to view. A disgruntled bark or growl is the usual alert that the channel must be changed immediately or “else.” Cooper especially like dog shows, but for some reason, Captain Picard from Star Trek is NOT a favorite.

Cooper pool
Coop’s pool


The 2016 Summer Olympics bores the poor dude to death so he spends most of his time in the yard, competing with Poco. He’s quite the swimmer and the pool is his domain. As for fetch? Well, I think Cooper wins the gold there as well, although Poco gives him a run for his money.


You’ll never guess what I saw today. Okay, I won’t make you guess. The leaves are starting to change on some of the trees around here! You read that right. Autumn is literally around the corner in Wyoming. Soon, the snow will begin to fly. Brr . . .

Shasta peek (960x960)

Uh oh, Coop’s in trouble. He’s chasing the cat again. Time for bed! I have to go banish a pup to the crib. Nighty night. Enjoy the rest of your summer! See ya soon. 🙂

In Christ,




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