Cooper’s Adventure

It’s Labor Day!

Coop Advent

In Wyoming, that means picnics, camping, and fun. And for Cooper? It means it’s time for an adventure.

So we loaded up and headed for the hills. Onward and upward…with a furry backseat driver to guide us along the way.

If you’re wondering about his pal Poco, he stayed home this trip and kept the cat company. The old guy needed a bit of rest and relaxation. But no worries! He’s fiesty as ever.

As we wound our way into the mountains, fall greeted us with the changing colors, and I knew it was going to be an awesome day.

Fall Colors Coop

Coop and James spent the day playing in the water…any water they could find. Creeks, rivers, lakes, it was a day of getting wet.

And I enjoyed the clear mountain air and brisk wind as I watched them.

It was hilarious.


Would you like to see? No problem!


As you can see, it was a fun-filled afternoon. Cooper had quite the adventure and he was ready to go home! LOL

I can’t wait for the next time. But alas, our days are getting shorter and winter’s around the corner. Who knows? Snow may fly soon! I wonder what Coop will think about that? Now that will be an adventure!

Until next time…

In Christ,




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