Cooper Bags a Bird!

Cooper’s a Bird Dog!

Woohoo! Cooper is a Bird Dog! He bagged a pheasant with the master, making him the ultimate and official hunter’s mate.


How did he do in the field? According to my husband, he quarters like a pro and goes on point naturally. In fact, James says he’s only had one dog that quartered better than Cooper and that was his springer spaniel, Pep. Now, folks, that’s a compliment. For those who don’t remember Pep, that dog was amazing.

I don’t have a picture of Pep but I do have one of Cooper on point…kind of…do you remember?

Cooper The Water Dog
Cooper The Water Dog


I can’t wait to see Cooper in his element…duck-hunting. Pictures will be forthcoming. I promise!

Until then…poor Coop needs to rest. He’s tuckered out. LOL I did catch this one of him and Poco having some down time this afternoon. I think Poco missed him. It’s not the best but I thought you may like to see it. I loved it.


Anyway, have a great time preparing for Christmas! I’ll catch ya on the flipside 🙂

In Christ,



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