Cooper Bags a Bird!

Cooper’s a Bird Dog!

Woohoo! Cooper is a Bird Dog! He bagged a pheasant with the master, making him the ultimate and official hunter’s mate.


How did he do in the field? According to my husband, he quarters like a pro and goes on point naturally. In fact, James says he’s only had one dog that quartered better than Cooper and that was his springer spaniel, Pep. Now, folks, that’s a compliment. For those who don’t remember Pep, that dog was amazing.

I don’t have a picture of Pep but I do have one of Cooper on point…kind of…do you remember?

Cooper The Water Dog
Cooper The Water Dog


I can’t wait to see Cooper in his element…duck-hunting. Pictures will be forthcoming. I promise!

Until then…poor Coop needs to rest. He’s tuckered out. LOL I did catch this one of him and Poco having some down time this afternoon. I think Poco missed him. It’s not the best but I thought you may like to see it. I loved it.


Anyway, have a great time preparing for Christmas! I’ll catch ya on the flipside 🙂

In Christ,



Cooper’s Adventure

It’s Labor Day!

Coop Advent

In Wyoming, that means picnics, camping, and fun. And for Cooper? It means it’s time for an adventure.

So we loaded up and headed for the hills. Onward and upward…with a furry backseat driver to guide us along the way.

If you’re wondering about his pal Poco, he stayed home this trip and kept the cat company. The old guy needed a bit of rest and relaxation. But no worries! He’s fiesty as ever.

As we wound our way into the mountains, fall greeted us with the changing colors, and I knew it was going to be an awesome day.

Fall Colors Coop

Coop and James spent the day playing in the water…any water they could find. Creeks, rivers, lakes, it was a day of getting wet.

And I enjoyed the clear mountain air and brisk wind as I watched them.

It was hilarious.


Would you like to see? No problem!


As you can see, it was a fun-filled afternoon. Cooper had quite the adventure and he was ready to go home! LOL

I can’t wait for the next time. But alas, our days are getting shorter and winter’s around the corner. Who knows? Snow may fly soon! I wonder what Coop will think about that? Now that will be an adventure!

Until next time…

In Christ,



Cooper Enjoys the Summertime!



Cooper’s enjoying the summer! He’s skipped through the mountain lakes, dug holes in the backyard, chased the cat around the house, chewed garden hoses in multiple pieces . . . Yep, Cooper’s the same no matter where we live.

Cooper watching the Dog Show

He enjoys watching television and will even let us know if something is “unacceptable” for human eyes to view. A disgruntled bark or growl is the usual alert that the channel must be changed immediately or “else.” Cooper especially like dog shows, but for some reason, Captain Picard from Star Trek is NOT a favorite.

Cooper pool
Coop’s pool


The 2016 Summer Olympics bores the poor dude to death so he spends most of his time in the yard, competing with Poco. He’s quite the swimmer and the pool is his domain. As for fetch? Well, I think Cooper wins the gold there as well, although Poco gives him a run for his money.


You’ll never guess what I saw today. Okay, I won’t make you guess. The leaves are starting to change on some of the trees around here! You read that right. Autumn is literally around the corner in Wyoming. Soon, the snow will begin to fly. Brr . . .

Shasta peek (960x960)

Uh oh, Coop’s in trouble. He’s chasing the cat again. Time for bed! I have to go banish a pup to the crib. Nighty night. Enjoy the rest of your summer! See ya soon. 🙂

In Christ,



Cooper Celebrates Independence Day

 Super Cooper says, “Happy 4th of July!”

Old Glory Flying


We started the holiday in style…with Old Glory flying. Of course, after hanging the Stars and Stripes, Cooper had other plans. He was ready for an adventure.


Let me drive!


So…we piled in the Jeep and headed up to the mountains. Of course that meant someone thought he needed to drive…the whole way.




Popo Agie River



We stopped by the Sinks to check out the river and cavern. The water’s a lot lower! Runoff’s almost over!

The Sinks Cavern






The cavern’s open and the Popo Agie’s almost back to normal. What a sight it is. We dashed out of there when everybody and their dog began showing up…literally. Coop may just want to play, but that Rottweiler didn’t look too happy to see him.



We loaded up and continued up the switchbacks to Frye Lake. The Wind Rivers are absolutely beautiful, don’t you think?

Frye Lake, Wind River Mountains

But Cooper’s destination today wasn’t Frye or Fiddler’s. It wasn’t even Louis Lake. It was Worthen Meadows Reservoir. Why? Do you really have to ask that question?



Water, water, everywhere! And we know Cooper loves water.

Wet Cooper

Cooper had fun chasing bugs, logs, fish, but most of all, he had a blast being Cooper, the Water Dog. Until next time,

Happy 4th of July!


Cooper’s Growing Up

Cooper comes home


Cooper’s growing up. He’s not so little anymore. In fact, he’s about thigh high now and stronger than an ox. It takes two hands to hold the tike now when I have him on a leash. He leads me now, not the other way around.

Cooper pool
Cooper having fun
Cooper bucket
Cooper taking a drink


He still loves water. In fact, Coop loves water so much, James bought him a pool! And a bucket. But he doesn’t just drink out of it. He literally dunks his head. Children…




I’ve really missed him during my month long separation. We’ve moved and been apart for awhile. But the family’s back together now and getting used to the new place. He and Poco have a smaller yard to play in but bigger house. Everyone seems to be adapting rather well, including the cat.

Shasta peek (960x960)
Don’t mess with me. (Shasta)

Summer’s here and the weather’s nice. It looks like we’ll be doing all kinds of things. Fishing, training for hunting, I can’t wait to get the little bugger outdoors. But right now, he’s scratchin’ at the door.

Cooper Wants In












And we all know what happens when Cooper wants in! He’s not as impatient as he used to be when he was a pup, but he’s still pretty demanding.

Cooper gets older
Cooper’s Getting Older

Cooper may be growing up, but he still loves his water. He’s a hyper little guy at heart and right now, he wants some company! Better go…until next time…


cooper poop(960x720)
See ya later, alligator!



Missing my Cooper

Happy Cooper (800x600)
Happy Cooper

I’m missing my Cooper today and have been for awhile now.

I have pictures to look at but no wet kisses or hugs to enjoy. We’re moving and my critters (and hubby) are a couple hundred miles away. That’s why I haven’t had any antics to share lately. 😥

Cooper on the Beach
Cooper on the Beach

I do know that Cooper enjoyed a swim yesterday though. James told me that he got more water on HIM than anything else. LOL

Don’t worry though! I will be sharing more soon when we are reunited come June. I promise!

Until then! Stay dry. 🙂


Back at the Beginning

Now that you’ve met the lively Mr. Cooper, how about we start at the beginning?

Cooper comes home

As you already know, Cooper is a full-bred, yellow Labrador retriever. Born in Stanton, Nebraska, his mommy and daddy are amazing! And we brought him home to join a crazy but loving household.

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